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Marriage Intensive Retreats
Awakening The Goddess Within
Midwinter Solstice: Returning to the Light
Marriage & Partner ENHANCEMENT Retreats 

Are you missing the passion and connection that was once in your relationship? 

Dr. Miller has over 20 years of experience in helping couples invigorate and renew their relationships.  Our philosophy is that marriage and sacred partnerships are sacred bonds in which two people support and inspire each other to create meaningful and fulfilling lives. Learn to fully honor the bond of love and commitment your have to your unique self and to your relationship. Couples and partners face many challenges on their journey together. Our daily lives are fraught with hardships and the distractions and demands of life in a rapidly changing society. It is easy to get lost along the way, to veer off in different directions. Dr. Miller finds joy in helping couples remember their dreams and reset their compass to map a path toward achieving those dreams together.  Renew and expand the mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual relationship you have with yourself and each other.

Retreat Amenities 

Private Luxury Rooms with Patio or Balcony

Breathtaking view of Pike’s Peak

Atrium Kitchen & Dining Area with Deck

Meditation Garden

Hot Tub


35 Wooded Acres with Hiking Trails & Creek

Deciding between a Private Retreat and a Group Retreat

Some couples have tried marriage or partner seminars, workshops or ‘boot camps’ in group settings that have limited the attention and depth of processing necessary for repairing their own relationship. Aspenshire offers a more private couples/partners counseling.  Call for details and available dates.

Looking for More?

For couples wanting to work on deeper and potentially more problematic issues, we also offer a more intensive Retreat Experience . Call for more details.

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