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Midwinter Solstice ~ Returning to the Light

Winter 2011 Retreat

    Our next retreat ‘Midwinter Solstice’ is now ready to launch

  We tend to think of Winter Solstice as the beginning of the sun’s journey back to the northern hemisphere.  In this retreat, we will be creating our own journeys back into the light.  From time to time, there can be 'dark' moments in life when it's difficult to see the truth of the meaning and purpose in life.  At any given time, most of the light in the universe is beyond our perception. Because it isn't visible, it is referred to as ‘dark light’ by astrophysicists.  In midwinter, the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, making it appear even more dark.   

  NASA explains, “It turns out that roughly 70% of the Universe is dark energy.  Dark matter makes up about 25%.  The rest, everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter that we can see and feel, adds up to less than 5% of the Universe.”  (See their website at science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/focus-areas/what-is-dark-energy/)  Returning to the light, in other words 'enlightenment', requires that we learn to see ‘in the dark’ ... and that requires the courage to venture into the unseen or unknown. 

  The Midwinter Solstice retreat will provide you with an opportunity to see the unseen within yourself ... the denial of light as well as the untapped ability to see with the heart.  We will work with the feminine aspects of:

Trusting your inner sense of knowingness

Developing your intuition

Indulging your sense of childlike wonder and curiosity

Releasing traditions and becoming more receptive to the new

Remembering ‘home’

Aspenshire Holistic Retreats:

  Your retreat would include counseling, lodging, meals, and amenities. 

Guests have their choice of three spacious bedrooms with two double beds, private bath, and patio. Two of the bedrooms have full views of Pikes Peak.  One of the bedrooms looks out over the pines and is located just feet from the hot tub.

  Meals are prepared using fresh organic produce and herbs, wild fish, and natural meats (all when available).  Meals are served in our granite and glass atrium overlooking the Peak.  A galley kitchen in the atrium is available for your personal use (afternoon/late night snacks, early morning coffee/tea, etc.).  We want your visit to be enjoyable and we will ask you about your food preferences before planning your menus.

  Time is allotted for enjoying the hot tub, sauna, meditation sand garden (weather permitting), yoga room, massage room  ... and/or for hiking the 35 wooded acres overlooking Pikes Peak.  High speed wireless internet is also provided.  Come and take in the splendor of the Peak adorned in bridal white as she awaits the warmth of her groom, the sun.

  If you are ready to join us in this celestial expedition, call for more information. 

    Call without obligation for information:            


Any information you provide us wi is held in strict confidence...we share your information with no one unless you tell us to do so.

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